Product Design

Nutratify Singapore

A company from Singapore called NUTRATIFY, hired me to design a new container and packaging for their capsules and health products. The mission of Nutratify Organix is to provide the finest, all-natural, effective products through the power of superior plant based ingredients that would revolutionize people’s health and improve overall well-being. The colored elements flowing […]

Bruno Watch Strap

“It is written inside the Golden Cap,” replied the Queen of the Mice. “But if you are going to call the Winged Monkeys we must run away, for they are full of mischief and think it great fun to plague us.”

Bolt Creative Agency

“Let the owners stand on Nantucket beach and outyell the Typhoons. What cares Ahab? Owners, owners? Thou art always prating to me, Starbuck, about those miserly owners, as if the owners were my conscience. But look ye, the only real owner of anything is its commander; and hark ye, my conscience is in this ship’s […]

Coffee Break

She was drifting some fifty feet above the ground, followed by all but some hundred of the warriors who had been ordered back to the roofs to cover the possibility of a return of the fleet, or of reinforcements. It soon became evident that she would strike the face of the buildings about a mile […]