Nutratify Singapore

A company from Singapore called NUTRATIFY, hired me to design a new container and packaging for their capsules and health products. The mission of Nutratify Organix is to provide the finest, all-natural, effective products through the power of superior plant based ingredients that would revolutionize people’s health and improve overall well-being.

The colored elements flowing in circular motion with plant leaf patterns on the surface of their logo, represent a diverse group of pure plant and fruit extracts that effectively protect, support, and nourish life.

They wanted an elegant flashy container, for a high level audience and to make the difference on the shelves of the stores and possibly compete and win, some International Design Awards.


The unusual design of the container has been inspired by the Aristotle’s conception of the five elements, and in particular from its use of triangles, as shapes to describe life.


The conception of the five elements is known as ‘Classical elements’ typically refer to the pre-scientific concepts of earth, water, air, fire, and aether, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances. The typical “star shape” of the conception, has been identified into the NUTRATIFY logo, and after an accurate analysis it has been reduce to the overlap of two upside-down triangles.


The upside-down triangle where the tip is pointing downward, symbolizes the female and the feminine side of things. A triangle with the point facing upward is a masculine symbol. The new container design, so generated, want to be the representation of the Aether, essence of life.


The new NUTRATIFY container is the essence of the elegance mixed with the warmth of natural materials. Born to contain capsules of 500mg, it has all the technical features to be a practical and safe receptacle.


The body of the container has an assortment of characteristics and diagnostic features that can help people to enjoy more their experience.

The shape has been designed to be practical. Easy to carry, comfortable to grab and stable while in the bag or in the car. The look&feel has focused on making a product people could enjoy everyday. Simple and elegant to be exposed. It comes with a connection to a device. Through an app, user will be able to get notification on the taking and other informations.

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